25 Apr

We are building the Wzgórze Wawelskie -photo story of assembly the biggest mock-up in Ogrodzieniec.

We have just finished the mock-up of Wzgórze Wawelskie in Ogrodzieniec. The area of exhibition is over 90 square metres. It is the largest model there. Let's have a look at the photo story.
Budowa makiety architektonicznej
21 Apr

How the mock-up of the architectural object is created

This is the ready model exposed in the park. Tourists and architecture fans are impressed by attentiveness of details and compatibility with original version. This final effect is the result of cooperation between the main mock-ups maker and the restorer.
19 Apr

The most beautiful temples in the world, without leaving the country

Thanks to these reconstructions we can see the most popular and beautiful sacred objects from all over the world in the form of mock-ups located in Częstochowa Sacred Park of Miniatures 'Golden Mount':
01 Mar

There are different kinds of mock-ups

Mock-ups exposed outside are built in a slightly larger scale (1:25) than those exposed inside e.g. in offices, estate offices. To create outside mock-ups we use special high quality materials that will make them resistant to weather conditions.
11 Feb

Mock-up of Smoleń Castle – the opportunity to see more than ruins

Tourists and architecture fans are moved by unique charm of ruins of Smolen castle and they appreciate the opportunities of seeing the castle in its miniature form in The Park of Miniatures in Ogrodzieniec.
27 Jan

The first attempt of reconstruction of the Tsarist Palace

The first attempt of reconstruction of the Tsarist Palace in Białowieża in form of mock-up was created by Silva workshop. Since may 2012 you can see it in The Park of Podlesie Miniatures in Hajnówka.